Bathroom Fitters

Colchester Bathroom Fitters is a locally owned company based in Colchester, Essex. We specialise in the supply and installation of bathroom works, such as showers, storage units, toilets, sinks, and baths. We serve residential and commercial homeowners in the Colchester area. Our team comprises of highly skilled and experienced technicians committed to delivering top-notch services that exceed your expectations. We take pride in excellent customer relationships, timely services, and professional craft.
When it comes to fitting the bathroom, people have different preferences. To satisfy our clients’ needs, we offer various products in terms of shapes, colours, and sizes. At Colchester Bathroom Fitters, we are a one-stop-shop, and our services include removing old units, fitting new units, tiling, painting, plumbing, and electrical work.
Regardless of the complexity of your project, rest assured that we will help you. We use hi-tech equipment, and we can fix your plumbing problems, saving you time and money. We offer a wide range of services, from wet room design to bathroom design to bathroom supplies to shower room installation.
A bathroom should have excellent design and adequate space. Whether you prefer a universal or custom design, our technicians are adept at installing fittings that meet your requirements and tastes. With many years of experience, our plumbers can supply and fit your bathroom from start to finish at a competitive price.
For many people, the bathroom is a hardly spacious place. When it comes to installing a bathroom, people have high ambitions and different expectations. Most people prefer functional space-saving solutions, especially in their main bathrooms or en suites. At Colchester Bathroom Fitters, we supply and install products that maximise the available space, creating enough room for storage.
Bathrooms should always be clean. However, most people don’t want to spend their valuable time cleaning toilets, washrooms, and hard-to-reach corners. We understand your needs, and we will install bathrooms that prevent the build-up of dirt, hence reducing the amount of cleaning required. Creating bathrooms that are accessible to all people is an essential requirement. Depending on your budgets, our professional plumbers can install bathrooms that are convenient for all people.
Whatever the size of your bathroom, we will install fittings that will make it functional and practical. Cleanliness is a crucial aspect to consider in your bathroom design and installation. With many years of experience, we can supply and install simple and easy bathrooms to clean. We are adept at identifying and marking hidden pipes and cables, hence making it possible to provide excellent services. Our technicians are highly qualified, and they are conversant with fitting new units and appliances.
Replacing an old unit with a new one is tedious and challenging. Our bathroom fitters are experienced, and they can install new units with ease. We pride ourselves on efficient workmanship, and we are committed to delivering seamless results. When it comes to adding fixtures, different woods can enhance texture and create a feeling of warmth in your bathroom. Our bathroom fitters will work alongside you to install a variety of surfaces that are suitable for bathrooms.
We provide top-quality bathroom installation services, and we take pride in excellent customer service and using the latest hi-tech equipment. All our employees have attained advanced craft training and have a vast experience in the construction industry. Over the years, we have provided professional services from free planning and design through to bathroom installation.
Whether you want to modify your existing bathroom or install a new one, we are ready to offer you quality services to improve your bathing and update your home. All our tradesmen are insured and licensed to operate in the UK. Each installation is correctly planned with minimal inconveniences, and at the end of the day, we clean and clear debris from the site, leaving you to enjoy your new bathroom. Contact us today to discuss your bathroom installation and get a free quote.
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